The drawings of Gerrit Hartland

Pencil and black ink drawings  of villages, cottages, and sheds from all over.

77 pages. Only available in Microsoft publisher.


I write fiction

This publication contains these stories
Stonehenge; an essay,
my 3ft ruler; a reminiscence.
Der Rhein und die Lorelei; in the footsteps of Turner.
It is not rocket science; a diversion.
The Porsche; the desire to succeed
The chess player; and the Danish gambit.
The war remembered; parts 1,2, and 3.
The film buff; a story about ambition.
In the footsteps of Cezanne;a story about starting a new life

Stonehenge visit.
The widow.
War memories.
Life below sea level.
Tragedy remembered.
Childhood memories
The Porsche.
The hide-away.
Cézanne's footsteps.
My clogs.
The hidden room.
The lovers.
A love potion.
The chessplayer
The Danish gambit.