Orpheus and Eurydice

An ancient myth in a modern setting

She is called Eurydice and is a celebrity. Her frequent appearances on daytime television have added to her celebration and in addition she is a very hansome lady, or perhaps it is the other way around Eurydice is a beautiful lady and therefore a celebrity.
She lives in New York in a sumptuous apartment which she acquired after her extensively reported divorce from a well-known shonky rich banker.

She has just engaged a new housekeeper. They have an introductory meeting to which Maria the house keeper brings her son Orpheus. Orpheus who is a few years younger than Eurydice has no input in the conversation, but cannot keep his eyes off his mother’s beautiful employer. He falls in love at once and Eurydice with an occasional glance at Orpheus is flattered by his attention and feels a spark of attraction to the good looking young man. As Maria and her son settle into their new accommodation Orpheus and Eurydice naturally see more of each-other and soon develop a bond which becomes stronger and stronger as they go for walks together, go to the theatre together, and go to Eurydice’s television appearances together.

Orpheus who is a musician and as is presently between appointments has plenty of time to lavish on the alluring Eurydice and they frequently walk in Central Park where Maria provides a lunch basket for them to have al fresco lunch on the grass in Sheep meadow where they also display the love they have for each other. [Almost embarrassing to watch them]

Then disaster strikes! As they unsteadily move on after a smoked salmon lunch washed down with the nicely chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot, Eurydice steps on nest of vipers and is seriously poisoned. Despite the best efforts of Orpheus and several bystanders Eurydice falls into a coma and is taken to nearest hospital, where as a celebrity she receives the best of care, but remains in a coma for days and then weeks. Orpheus who has been at her bedside throughout, begs the doctors to allow him to take her home, where he swears he will cure her with his love and his devotion. The doctors who express little hope for her recovery finally allow Orpheus to take his lover home with the strict warning that she is kept in the dark and he is not allowed to look at her until she is fully recovered and out in the light.
Orpheus has the apartment covered with blinds and shades, wears a blind fold every time he steps inside, persuades his mother to take extreme care in keeping the light out, and spends his days by her bed sending the signals of his love for Eurydice.
And you know what, there ARE small signs of improvement, a flicker of her eyelid, a twist of her finger, and yesterday she moved her leg in an attempt to turn over. But again disaster strikes! Maria had allowed one of the curtains to slip and Orpheus when he arrived in putting on his blindfold caught a glimpse of his beloved in the mirror which was all that fate needed.

Eurydice dies!